Friday, September 25, 2015

Sharing with Strangers

Sitting here typing, I can't help but notice my reflection on the laptop screen. You're so vain. That's right. So what if I am? I had a dermatologist remove a colorless mole yesterday, and a small bandage is shields the tiny wound on my right cheek.* Quinn points at it and claps. Olive tells me she is sad that I have an owie. And my husband? He points out that I now bear resemblance to Nelly. Thanks a lot, husband.

I suppose the timing could have been worse. Just last week, le huz and I flew to Hawaii with the munchkins to party with my parents. The "grands" live in Taiwan, so they thought it'd be a treat to spend quality time with my California girls in their dream environment - by the pool and on the beach in Maui.

Not to shabby.
The Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea. 
Bliss happens.

As you can imagine, there were many family photo ops while chillin' on this little slice of heaven. I was bandage-free in all of them. Yay! Could you imagine the bandaid tan? But my favorite shots from the trip are these two of our littlest one, living it up.

Unlike my parents, Quinn is a vacationing natural. Eat. Swim. Sleep. Repeat. Quinn got the memo. Check out her delectable sun-kissed legs, or as I like to call them, "brown pants." And that shot of her literally hanging out? That was snapped at 5am as I walked out of the bathroom. I let her grip on for dear life for a good minute so that I could get this shot because that's what any compassionate and responsible mother would do, right?

A four day getaway may seem short to most, but for us, it was the perfect duration. One can only soak in the kiddy pool for so long. Til next time, Aloha.** 

* My dermatologist thinks the mole is benign, but recommended that I remove it for testing. It's not as if I was attached to the darn thing anyway!
** I am fully aware that this blog entry is boring to the point of igniting yawns, but it's been a while since I've actually sat down to write. My mind is out-of-shape, and I'm desperately trying to warm it up. I'm like the chubby new student in a hip-hop dance class. Everyone sways left, and I sway right. UGH. I'll get my moves down soon. I promise.


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