Friday, October 01, 2010

Macho Macho Man

i yam! getting home at 11pm three nights in a row is killer. *scream into pillow* but i can do this. i am a tough cookie. much similar to ahhhhhnold. speaking of ahhhhhnold, an unwelcome cyst has grown on my left wrist! a friend said to me, "it's a tumor." to which i responded, "it's naht a tumaaaah." you know, like ahhhnold in "kindergarten cop"...

final quarter at ucla before i take a leave of absence to work on my thesis, and i'm am totally stepping beyond my comfort zone. with only one requirement (an elective seminar) left to take, i've signed myself up for "exit utopias: cinema, visionary architecture, radical urbanism." say what?! yes people, i've gone hi-brow. over the next ten weeks, i'll be partaking in convos that no ordinary human should have to endure. you know, the kind that's conducted in english, but not really? my classmates (mostly cinema media studies masters and architecture phds) are in for a fresh perspective on film and architecture theory. i rather enjoy being the odd man out..

still brainstorming characters and concepts for my final film. at the moment, i'm really into the possibility of a short starring a hard-working immigrant named "deepak." doodles to be posted this weekend. and gosh... i've been accumulating really rad reference images that should help with my art direction. check out this aduuuuurable car!

zoom-zoom, suckas... happy friday,

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JennySRP said...

What other classes are you taking that get you home so late? Are you working at all?
Natalie and I felt like such outcasts in our Italian Film class. Half the people were from Europe and a few of them spoke Italian so .... we'd be like... yeah we get it....

kimberlina said...

get that cyst taken care of!

a friend had one on her arm and it ended up being this rare form of cancer. :(

the good is that if it's all taken out, there's little likelihood of recurrence and no chemo.

uh, not to stress you out.


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