Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We Did

Le cub and I were married in Los Angeles this past Saturday on August 28th. It was a day filled with our favorite f-words. Friends, family, food, and fun. Everything we could have hoped for... sprinkled with LOVE.

A special thank you to my moms (yep, I've now got two), dads (two), Jonathan and Rebecca... for making all our dreams come true.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hey Mr. Dj, Put a Record On...

just emailed wedding dj to please play "maneater" on our big day.
how embarrassing.

The Bird and the Bee

There will be a lot of handmade goodness (like this blingin' cake topper) at le cub and cougar wedding because we're just cool like that. It's no Small Object topper (click HERE to see what I'm referring to), but this ghetto six-dollar version is more us anyway :)

Had a couple of friends over last night for a wine tasting. Yes, how adult of us. Noooo, we haven't gone fancy-pants. The tasting was for the wedding. We wanted to hang out with some old buddies while double-checking the bottles le cub picked out from Bevmo. Don't want to serve crappy wine, that's all. Dinner consisted of a hearty mac n cheese and parmesan roasted garlic followed by banana cream pudding. Not a meal for the lactose-intolerant.

Finally, our friend Dave (we came over to help us do our wine homework) introduced us to a musical duo called "The Bird and the Bee". They cover lots of 80s songs (think Hall and Oates). LOVE IT! Thank you, DKim, for the recommendation. NOW, I have to coolest iPod mix.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

When Beans REALLY loves a person, he either "paws" him/her (pets the person with his paw), or he sits on the person's feet, legs. That said, if other dogs do the same, the lil' guy pictured in this photo (that I found on ffffound) probably loves rainbows. *smile*

P.S. My mom thinks the words to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" are "SomeDAY over the rainbow..." She sings it with such gusto, le cub and I don't have the heart to correct her............. :)

Friday, August 20, 2010


What with my stuff, le cub's stuff, and all the wonderful stuff that's been arriving from our wedding registry, our home has gotten a tad crowded. Gosh darnit, we might as well be a feature home on hoarders. UGH! Am absolutely hating the clutter and am unable to live in such squalor. Le cub, on the other hand, doesn't seem to mind... Unacceptable.

I'm annoyed and hormonal. Not a good combo.

Pictured: Work in progress crowd scene for a personal project of one of the buddies at Buddy System. These folks are at a hockey game...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

License to Wed

We took the morning off and got our marriage license!!!

The ice-cream man outside the Van Nuys courthouse helped document the event. He's no Max Wanger, but he did have frozen-treats to offer. A Tweety ice-cream popsicle with blueberry-flavored eyeballs was consumed in celebration. Ice-cream man had run out of the Spiderman ones. D'oh!

It's the Final Countdown

9 . The number of hours until le cub and I head on over the courthouse to pick up our license to wed! Tomorrow's a lucky, Chinese Lunar calendar approved day, no less...

2. The number of days I've got left at Buddy System Studios. I owe the guys there some Chinese pickles.

1. The number of full weeks left until le cub and I get hitched. I'm waiting for the non-toxic paint on our wedding cake topper to dry as I type this entry. Yup... unfinished handmade goodness!
... Josh has no mouth because the joy surrounding this occasion has left him speechless..........

Saturday, August 14, 2010


The concert was epic. Possibly the best concert I've ever been to - and I've been to a lot.
LOVE this Man Gaga.
LOVE Pammy.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's Always Sunny...

When le cub is around. He brought me flowers! Just because. And they aren't just any flowers. They're SUNflowers! I took this photo because I thought the combination of three of the six flowers resemble the face of my favorite yorkie (Hammy's pup, Shady). Didn't realize I'd fail to crop out my nasty legs... Wahaha... Mutant sunflowers!


A Little Pick Me Up

Even cougars get sad sometimes. Don't know what it is, but every so often, my female hormones get the best of me, and I get uncontrollably cranky. The world "owes me" for absolutely no reason, and I become a wretched human being. I'm not proud of this...

This morning, I woke moodier than a 70s mood ring (remember those?!). Luckily, le cub came to the rescue and made everything better when he surprised me at the place of my internship during lunch hour with an ice-cream sundae picnic. He brought a cooler with Breyer's cookies and cream ice-cream, a blanket, a bowl, two spoons, and a banana, and right then and there, parked in a Ralph's parking lot, the mood tides changed...

This cougar is very, VERY lucky to have found herself this incredibly patient cub. *hearts for eyes*

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

So Much in Store

Working on a mini project that involved me buying out Aaron Brother's miniature frame display and *gasp* DRAWING again. Want a sneak-peek? What? You DO?! How superb. Here you are.

Buddy System Studios. I think the Buddies should start their own male, Old-Spice-infused and facial-hair-equipped Martha Stewart and show. They can build everything out anything!

Finally, the work of another doodler, ginettesqulette. I found it via drawn and I love it. (Reminds me of my in-class doodles. Psychedlelic and totally random!) Flickr account here.

What a Wonderful World

I'm getting married really soon. Yes, le cub is going to be just as cool as Mick, and I will be just as hip as Jade.

My cousin, Cindy brought home a new member into our family this weekend. Her name is Dumpling, and she's an adorable pug. I have secretly renamed her La Bamba. Shh. Don't tell. But omigooooodness, that face!

Our wedding caterers, Jerry and Chris of The Food Matters just opened a to-die-for taco joint on La Brea. The name's Tinga, and you can bet your money on us being there this coming weekend.

Finally, I haz a pretty secondary-color-filled scenic photo zat I finds on zee interbutts via ffffound.com. Me post. Me win.

Monday, August 02, 2010

That's What Friends Are For

Was in the Bay Area this past weekend visiting le cub in his SF digs for one last time before his big move back to LA...

Was able to catch up with the bff, "Hammy" on Sunday. We had made plans to check out the Renegade Crafts Fair being held at Fort Mason, but lo and behold... the Barney's warehouse sale was taking place right next door! Unable to resist, we attended both events... muah-haha.

Pictured: Me and "le bff" joining other crazy women in the dressing "zone" that had been pitched in the middle of the warehouse. In order to try on clothes, one had to strip down in front of lots of strangers. What chicks wouldn't do for a good deal! And gosh, for some odd reason, all the pieces we'd grabbed to try on did not have zippers, so we found ourselves struggling to change out of several dresses. So lucky that we had each other!!! (And ooh, tall pervy men were able to see over the tarp barricade. Le bff and I were able to ignore the oglers. Frankly speaking, if you're a dude at a Barney's warehouse sale, you're probably not into chicks anyway... :)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Business Attire

Bought a new t-shirt at the Renegade Crafts Fair. Think I'll wear it to work tomorrow. The Buddy bosses sport beards...


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