Thursday, July 29, 2010


The clock has struck 12, and I'm back in my rags. *le sigh*

Now don't get me wrong... I love what I'm doing this summer. (Fabricating puppets for stop-motion studio, Buddy Systems.) That said, however, I've been suffering from an awful case of girl-talk-fun-time withdrawal ever since I returned from my shwanky bachelorette weekend in New Orleans. I miss the orgasmically delicious pecan pie and fluffy beignets... I miss the so-ginormous-I-could-sleep-in-it-horizontally king-size bed at The Roosevelt... and finally, I miss spending quality-time with my girls. (We reenacted Katy Perry's "California Gurls". EPIC!)

If le cub and cougar wedding can be even half as fun as my weekend in Louisiana, I'd be the happiest girl in the world.

Pictured? "Hammy" (she planned the whole thing!) and JenYen - yes, I have cute friends, a really awesome sign on Bourbon St., and an action shot taken during our MTV shoot. *teehee*

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Buns Galore

... is the title of this piece. My gal pal Jen showered me with this gift this past weekend in New Orleans. I love my lil' burlesque bunny but do plan on renaming him. (It looks like a he to me!) "Buns Galore" is cute, but "Tits McGee" is better. Inspired by Ethan, Buddy at Buddy System Studios.

Buns Galore is available via etsy...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bling it On

Bachelorette parties don't get better than this. Me and my super-heroine gal pals blinging it on in New Orleans. Our presence brought sunshine to the gulf. Hurricane Bonnie had nothing on us.

Oh. In case you were wondering, we're powered by pecan pie. Brigtsen's pecan pie.

Thank you, Hammy, for the unforgettable memories. Next stop, Memphis?!?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Best Present Ever

My mani-pedi lady slipped a giant mango into my purse while i wasn't looking. She told me it's a bachelorette party present :)

The Way You Make Me Feel


Um, I'm in a really groovealicious mood right now because (1) I'm headed for New Orleans tomorrow for my bachelorette party (thank you, "Hammy" for planning this entire soiree! I love you like a fat kid loves cake.), and (2) I found IT. I found THE dress. THE gown that is totally me. I la-la-la-looooove it with all my heart and yes, if ginormous puffy pink hearts could throb out of my eye sockets, they would. No spanx necessary to pull of this baby. No bra for my little mosquito bite breasts either. *puffy pink hearts jump out of my eye sockets* Now THIS is how a bride is supposed to feel, yeah? T-1 month til the big day and all is well. Thank you, good folks at Temperley, for making me feel pretty. I can't wait for Josh to see me all done up. *Debra does the cabbage patch grind dance. Then follows that move up with some Kid n' Play dance moves*

Packing now. This weekend's going to be so very epic!!! *fists clenched due to excitement*

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Wedding planning has been easy-breezy up til now. Lots to do, but with the help of Rebecca, all is at ease. Well, not ALL. I'm still searching for a dress that's "me" and gosh, I'm starting to realize that I'm all over the place. What kind of bride are you? Classic? Modern? Romantic? Minimalist? Beachy? Rustic? Retro?

Um, yeah. I don't know. I'd just like to look skinnier than I actually am and be comfortable. I'm asking for too much, I know... Can't wait for tomorrow. Going to try on two gowns that are totally different from each other, but also very much me... Happy.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pretty Little Things

This kimono style robe by plum pretty sugar is lovely. Imagine getting ready for the big day in this. Yummmmmeh.

Across the Universe

The wedding invites I worked on with Megan of MaeMae Paperie have finally been sent out, and I am so happy with the results. The polaroid love story, the tags, the message on the tags, Megan's invitation and RSVP card designs... oh gawd. Le cub and I love these. We hope our guests will love them too.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Say Yes to the Dress

Um, Houston, we have a problem.

My original gown is not going to work. That said, with one month remaining, believe it or not, I'm in the market for a comfortable, not-too-bridal-but-still-bridal-enough wedding gown. After making several panic-stricken phone calls, I've found that I actually have a few off-the-rack options. Will be dropping by Temperley and Alexander McQueen this Thursday and am confident that I will leave the boutique a very happy and well-dressed girl. Have faith!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

First is the Worst

Second is the best... third is the nerd with the hairy, hairy chest!

Aww, crap. In a few hours, I'll be headed over to Monique Lhuillier's for dress fitting numero dos. And no, this second fitting will not be the best. In fact, it'll be the worst! I'm pmsing and feeling like a moose. Oh no...

A month ago, I vowed to get into fighting shape. I joined a gym... and well, I'm now regretting that I never really put my membership to use. Yogurtland:3, Burbank Atheletic Club: 1. Shit.

No worries. I've still got a month. I've seen Jillian and Bob (of "The Biggest Loser") work wonders in matter of weeks. I'm just need concrete incentive. A photo of me looking like a fat marshmallow in a long, white gown, perhaps? *OW* The truth hurts. I'm packing a camera in my purse now...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Like Monica Lewinsky, But Not

I am an intern this summer. I'm not allowed to blog about what I work on, but I will share the above made-publicly-available-photo of my buddy (buddy system studios) bosses, "Harv" and "Towner". Yes, those are power gloves. And yes, I have fun at work.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Meet the Parents

SUPER preview of the polaroid project. Wait till y'all see ALL the pieces together. I can't wait.


Chuck Norris Had a Master... and her name was Mary Chow. Seriously. She taught him tai chi!

Pictured is a book written by my grandaunt, or as my cousins and I refer to her as, "gu puo". Isn't she just so incredibly beautiful? Growing up, my brother and I would tag along to visit her at her West Hollywood condo... and our memories of visiting her as a child were always sweet. I mean that literally. She'd greet all us grandnieces and nephews with entire bags of candies. "Sugus" candies aka the Asian Starburst. We'd each leave one bag o' sweets richer... Ahh... trips to see Jio Puo were the best.

Fast forward to today... several years, my gu puo joined her kids in Shanghai. She's now mighty old and has developed Alzheimers. But her legacy lives on via Amazon! I just randomly Googled her this evening and was shocked to find her book readily available HERE. Bet she never imagined in a thousand years that her name would be plastered across the world wide web...

I miss her.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dog Gone Superb

Beans went swimming in the bay near Crissy Field. Look how happy he is. When he's happy, I'm happy.

Friday, July 09, 2010

No Red Nose in Sight

The collar. Like a clown's.
The hair. Like a clown's.
The clutch? Like a classy mama clown's.

I love it.
I love it all.
I absolutely cannot wait to hit up Italy to admire the mad-style the Italians have on display...

Source: The Sartorialist

Thursday, July 08, 2010

It's Electric

I regret not buying any of these bionic gummies on display in the basement of the Rosedale (Minnesota) Macy's. The colors are electric!!!

Only Have Eyes For You

There's going to be a photo booth at our wedding. YAY! Faux mustaches are fun but are way over-done. But what do we about these glasses? And ooh, thought bubbles! All available on Etsy...

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Puddle State

July Fourth in Minnesota has become a tradition for me and le cub. Things I love about our trips to his home state...

1) Le cub's mom's home-cooking. Comfort.

2) Minnehaha. It's the name of a street. I crack-up everytime we cross. Mini-Ha-Ha. Get it?

3) Le cub's friends. They're THE BEST. Had I never met le cub, I'd still be friends with these folks.

4) No sales tax on clothes means new swim trunks for le cub and new jeans for me.

5) Caribou Coffee. I had a "Mint Condition" every single day I was there. T'was like drinking a mug of Andes mint chocolates. That's a good thing.

Pictured: Josh enjoying a 5-8 Club Juicy Lucy (cheese-filled burger) and me doing the same with french fry fangs (because we were headed for a showing of Twilight Eclipse after our meal)

Of Course

When I'm out of town, Beans gets boarded. *sniffle* My latest greatest discovery? Blue Dog Ranch in Burbank. The operators are very nice (to owners and dogs alike). Incredibly patient - not to mention professional. The prices are right, and gosh, they've got a little wading pool. Beans loves to swim, so sending him to this particular doggy hotel was really a no-brainer.

So I picked him up this morning and like any good parent, I asked how he was. The girls at Blue Dog told me he was really good and that he really loved the pool. To which I replied, "Of course." He swam in it all day yesterday. Again, "Of course." And oh, he pooped in the pool. Which is why the pool is drained today. *Silence* followed by, "Of course. I'm so sorry!"

This isn't the first time that Beans has shat in a pool. In fact, the very reason that he's no longer welcome at my aunt's place and has to be boarded is because he shat in HER pool. The girls at Blue Dog graciously explained to me that it feels good for them (the dogs) - to shit in the pool, that is. Er, okay. How do they know?! I looked into Beans eyes in search of an explanation. I asked him why he did it. His big brown eyes were void of explanation.

Of course.


Le cub and I have finished planning our extravagant honeymoon to Rome, Sardinia (Costa Smeralda), the Amalfi Coast (Sorrento, Positano, Ravello), and more Rome. We can't friggin' wait.

And ooh, we "invested" in an iPad for our lil' trip. SO MUCH FUN!!!

Photo of the Costa Smeralda region of Sardinia. Heaven on Earth.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Let Him Eat

The fourth simply isn't the same when Kobayashi isn't able to compete at Coney Island. Get the scoop HERE.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Close, But No Cigar

Invites incorporating my faux polaroids are in production. We had originally hoped to have them sent out by June 28th, but we hit a snag... No worries. They'll make their way out. Eventually.

Top Knot

No veil for me, thank you. I'm too short to pull one off. And as much as I love bird cage veils, I think they go best with tea length gowns...

That said, I've placed an order for this Jennifer Behr hair clip. It'll go great with my side "love knot" and I can totally absorb the sixty-eight dollar bill. Will wear real flowers during the ceremony (I've always wanted to wear real flowers in my hair) and the clip during the reception (real flowers won't survive an evening of dancing). Yay! Decision made with thanks to Nyrie!!!

Running Man, Er Woman

Summer internship's going swell! By the time my wedding rolls around, I'm going to be the reigning queen of cardboard. Cardboard artistry. That's what I've been learning. At the studio, I get to build sets and props out of cardboard for stop-motion animation. Incredibly fun and inspiring. My master's thesis is totally going to be made of the stuff. Note to self: start hoarding now.

Am running on empty. What with the internship, my weekend travels (in NorCal last weekend and Minnesota this weekend) and wedding and honeymoon planning... Won't somebody please get this gal a coffee? Oh wait. I'm the intern. I'll go get it myself :)


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