Monday, December 28, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

Parents insist that le cub and I serve cake on the big day. But we're serving a trio of desserts... is an additional helping of dessert really necessary? Can't believe I just asked that.

I Did!

My toes, adorned with Valentino sequins, will be uber-happy on the day of le cub and cougar wedding.

Thank you, mommy.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Ho-Ho-Ho! Ha-Ha-Ha! Hee-Hee-Hee!

Happiest of Holidays, my friends!!!

Picture: Still from A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bling it On!

I'm all for looking like a disco ball during the dancing portion of my wedding day with le cub. Back in Taipei, and my mom is worried that we won't be able to find something suitable to wear to the epic cougar and cub wedding ceremony that she's throwing us in Taipei. I have no complaints. Doll me up!

Pictured: Sparkly tunic - Marchesa Resort 2010

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Boarding a flight back to Taipei! *fist pump*
Should I not find the time to post while away...


Much love always,
le cougar, le cub, and le Beans

Ho-ho-ho! Hee-hee-hee! Ha-ha-ha!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Progress Report

Wow, wowee, wow. Honestly, tastings alone, are reason enough for two people to get married.

Last night, le cub and I, accompanied by Rebecca, attended our second tasting at Chris and Jerry's downtown loft. Based on our first tasting, Jerry was able to capture our flavor profile, and with that in mind, he created a full menu for us - covering hor d'oeuvres, starters, entrees, desserts, and late-night snacks. That's right, late-night snacks. Le cub doesn't want any of our guests leaving hungry.

This second-tasting was incredibly indulgent. The presentation was gorgeous and the flavors were "mayjah." Needless to say, le cub and I left their home fat and happy. We can't wait for our cookie tasting. That's right. Jerry is going to have us over for a COOKIE TASTING. Life is very, very good.

Original drawings to come.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

Le cub and I bought "Dizzy" and his friend "Dozey" on sale yesterday at 99 Ranch Market. We then proceeded to give them both a warm bath. Dizzy was not pleased.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Til Death Do Us Part - Animatic

It is with sweaty palms that I have uploaded my first video onto YouTube. My very first! Thought I'd give folks a peek at the work-in-progress for my second-year stop-motion film, "Til Death Do Us Part". Tah-dah! An animatic. This short is my light-hearted way of highlighting the issue of depression in the elderly, and was inspired by my grams. Changes will definitely be made. This current version has temporary sound effects, score and voice-over. (I plan to audition Geoffrey Rush sound-a-likes.) Final version to come. In the meantime, enjoy!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Petite Sentiments

Some small (and totally random) expressions of joie:

Fantastic Mr. Fox. So cussin' fantastic that I paid to watch it twice.

Snuggies. Le cub and I have purchased 10 to date. Our fool-proof go-to-gift this holiday season.

I love cheese. Consumed 7 slices of Tillamook cheddar last night while watching "The Biggest Loser" finale. I need help.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Bagged It

Braved the holiday shopping crowd last night in order to snatch up a couple boxes of See's Candy (Nuts and Chews, baby!) to bring back to my grammy in Taiwan. As usual, I couldn't resist taking a peek at the sale section at CUSP. Purchased two more Christmas presents. One for a friend, and one for me! I bought a hunter green shoulder bag from French Connection - on sale for a reasonable $79. Apparently it's the same one that Taylor Swift has been toting around this past month. See HERE. May her talents and youth rub off on me.

Just caught Gabourey "Gabby" Sidibe of Precious on Jay Leno. Adorable. Have you watched Precious yet?

A Fitting Combination


I've never participated in an art exhibition before, and this weekend, I not only partook (Dude, did I just make-up a word? That's so Kate Gosselin of me) in one, I was able to attend the opening night! (The exhibitions runs through January 16th of 2010.) A bunch of friends showed up at Sweet Breams in San Mateo to support me. As "feeling-less" a person as I am, I could've sworn I got all warm and fuzzy inside. Could've been the love. Could've been the Peet's Coffee...

In case you're curious, Sweet Breams isn't actually a gallery. Like model-turned-actress, Sweet Breams is a teeny-tiny dessert-shop-turned-gallery. They serve "chibi taiyakis" which are fish-shaped cakes stuffed with red bean, vanilla cream, nutella, milk chocolate, and white chocolate for eating... and calorie-free artwork on their walls for viewing...

It was SUPER COLD in San Francisco this past weekend. Thought temperatures would be kinder back in SoCal, but nooooo...
I'm freezing here in Burbank. Luckily Beans is like a furnace, and likes to sleep at my feet :o)

Saturday, December 05, 2009


I'm feeeling shleeeeepy...

Desperately attempting to finish up a set (in the garage) along with my final animatic. All deliverables to be reviewed on Monday... and the reason for the rush is that my departure for SF is in T minus 6 hours and 21 minutes. That's right, I'm heading up to the Bay to be reunited with the cub. That and to attend my very first art exhibition (group one)! So very psyched about the exposure, but bummed that I'm looking like cah-cah due to this all-nighter.

The set's looking "meh." *sniffle* I really need to work on creating some forced perspective and depth next week. No time tonight. *sniffle*

Probably would've helped if I hadn't spent three hours at the movie theater with Alexis and Annie earlier today. We'd been meaning to catch a showing of "Precious" for weeks now, and we finally decided to screw it and indulge. We were so giddy in the theater, constantly creepily rubbing our hands together in anticipation of "Precious" that other theater patrons could easily have mistaken us for diehard Lord of the Rings fans who'd made the mistake of thinking "Precious" was a spin-off of a J.R.R. Tolkien work.


Friday, December 04, 2009

Testing. Test. Test.

Scene one. Shot of tombstone through tree branches. The tombstone's meant to look fuzzy, but the tree branches and leaves are meant to be crisp. Hmm. I need a tripod. I need some lights.

Supermodel, Work

A while back, I purchased a friend's old Nikon D70. It came to me in truly wonderful condition for a mere $400. The only catch was, my friend had lost the manual. D'oh. I suppose I wouldn't have gone through it anyway.........

Final individual meeting with my professor for this quarter is taking place on Monday. She wants to see shots of my work in progress. But I don't know how to use my camera! *gulp*

Goofing around with the camera all day. Beans has been an incredibly cooperative model. He works for cookies. *fist pump*

Photos are coming out blurry. GRRRRRRRRR.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Just the Beginning

Buildings that will be standing in the background of my railroad-crossing scene. They need additional windows, doors, shingles, and stoops!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

This Shit is Bananas

Tis better to give than to receive :o)
Some thoughts on holiday shopping 2009...

- THIS gadget. It will surely be loved.
- THIS bad-ass knuckle ring.
- Affordable art. THIS piece or THAT one?
- THIS blankie will come in handy.
- THESE chocolates will make you shed tears of joy. THESE pies will too!
- THIS amazeballs lamp would be perfect for displaying cherished photos.
- My fav cookbook is THIS one. Oh, Ina!
- THESE men's socks will elicit smiles. Caviar for his feet!
- THIS sparkly magic-wallet fits in clutches.
- THIS classic billfold wallet with a twist.

- THESE Robert Pattinson undies. I may be on Team Edward, but really???
- THIS creepy grizzly bear bean bag.

Happy shopping!!!

Arriving in Style

How awesome would it be if le cub and I could rent wedding transportation like this vintage VW Bus?!? Or better yet, THIS one?

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


I've been sewing and gluing fabric scraps all morning in order to make an age-appropriate, yet snazzy outfit for "Ed," one of the senior citizen extras in my second-year film, "Til Death Do Us Part"... His shoes, socks, elbow patches (every grandpa needs elbow patches), neck and hands aren't on yet, but I thought I'd give y'all a look before Ed's fully finished. Work-in-progress shots are fun, no? Am also posting a photo of him before the extreme make-over. I carved foam (from Norm's Foam Shop in Culver City... thanks, Kevin, for the recommendation!) and glued two halves over the armature to give Ed some mass. (Not too much though, as Ed is meant to be a tall and skinny fella.) I don't own a carving knife, so I had to make do with a steak knife. Hehe. It worked!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hot Mama

"I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is." - Derek Zoolander.

My dear cousin (and bridesmaid!) Dr.Lin was in the "haus" this past Thanksgiving break, and as mentioned in my previous post, it was with her help that I was able to decide upon a pair of the loveliest pale gold peep toes to go with my wedding gown. It's going to be difficult to resist wearing them when they arrive, for Edward Cullen is to Bella Swan as Debra Chow is to new shoes. (Yes, I just drew an analogy that involved the characters of Twilight. So shoot me.)While we were at it, we took a look at an assortment of cocktail dresses on sale at several large department stores. I'd love to have a second, shorter, easier-going dress to change into once end-of-the-night dancing begins. Nothing caught my eye.

Wish I were teeny-tiny enough to fit into the custom-made cheongsam my mother wore to her wedding reception. (See above.) Gorgeous, no? My mom's waist was a mere 22 inches at the time that she was married! *sigh*

Sunday, November 29, 2009


There are some days when I think I'm going to die from an overdose of satisfaction. (Words borrowed from Salvador Dali.) Today's one of 'em days.

Was informed today that my second-year film, "Til Death Do Us Part" has been selected as a recipient of funding from the Matt Groening Initiative at UCLA. This is "mayjah," and I am beyond ecstatic!!! (Hence the numerous exclamation marks.) Going to go work on my sets now!!! *Jillian shriek*

Cherry-on-top? With the help of my cousin and bridesmaid, Jen, I finalized my decision on wedding shoes, er "Choos" for my wedding day. Can't wait for them to arrive in the mail :o)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

And They Ate Happily Ever After

Thanksgiving 2009 was a blazing success!!! Le cub and I hosted all my LA-residing relatives in Burbank. We whipped up a turkey with stuffing (I put Ina Garten's fool-proof and incredibly, INCREDIBLY delicious "Turkey Roulade" recipe to use), perfectly creamy mashed potatoes, and a beautiful (if I should say so myself) French apple tartin. And with everyone else chipping in (my aunt and uncles brought yummy ribs, a sushi platter, huge honey-baked ham, steamed veggies and dinner rolls while my cousins brought homemade butternut squash soup, hot apple cider, and pumpkin pie), everyone left our home full and happy.

Post-dinner, all the kids (I may be 30, but I'm still a kid), rocked out to Rock Band. I think my grandma wanted to play. Next time?!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Does your boyfriend sparkle like diamonds when exposed to sunlight?
Mine doesn't.

Pictured: Me sitting on top of a tree awaiting Edward. Or Jacob.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Downward Spiral

Oh shit. My fingers googled "Robert Pattinson" yesterday.
No good can come of this.

Pictured: Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are like this balloon and cactus duo (as illustrated by Nedko Solokov). They want to be together, but they can't...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Food Matters

Food matters. Even wedding food. Earlier this evening, le cub and I had the pleasure of attending a tasting at our caterer's downtown loft. It was the first time I'd ever had such an experience - dining within the gorgeous home of Jerry and Chris of "The Food Matters" - and it was just incredible. Their edible creations were not only exquisite to look at, they were delicious!

More tastings with Jerry and Chris to come.
We can't wait.

Pictured: Panel from my second-year film animatic. The animatic is nearly done. Will post that on Vimeo when it is.

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's Better to Give Than to Receive

But getting is still fun!
Ta-da! Monkey mittens from Dr. Lin. Mittens in LA?! I think not. Hmm. This calls for a trip to the East coast... :o)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oldie but Goodie

It's official. I'm THIRTY!

Rather than partying it up this past Friday the 13th, I opted to take it easy *bones creak* and spent the day doing what I do best: shop and eat. In good company, no less! My dearest cousin, "Dr. Lin", flew in from Philly, and together, we browsed one of Los Angeles' most fabulous vintage shops, The Way we Wore. It was our first time there, and definitely not our last. Jen scored a Donna Karan hobo in black leather (circa DK's early years) that was in impeccable condition with its original dust cover. And me? I made out with a vintage necklace that I may actually wear on my wedding day! It cost me $95, but considering the price of the other pieces I've been ogling over, it was a bargain :o)

The night came to a luscious end after Jen and I picked up Josh from Burbank airport and headed downtown for a late-night grub fest. With my belly filled with chill-cheese fries, mac n' cheese, and cupcake, I would later sashay down an imaginary runway back at my apartment for Jen. I modeled the magnificent little black Balenciaga dress I plan on wearing for le cub and cougar engagement photo shoot and then changed into an ivory-colored towel (in place of a wedding gown) paired with what else? The ghetto gold pansy (?) necklace!

Photo doesn't do it justice (it hangs perfectly), but I wanted to share my find with y'all anyway...

First Dance

We've decided on our first dance song.

Le cub digs Dean Martin (le cub is an old soul), and I smile every time i hear "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You".

Posts about my 30th birthday to come!

Friday, November 13, 2009

If You Like it Then You Shoulda' Put a Hat on It!

I have a big head, so I avoid hats. But THIS video featuring a gentleman named Albertus, tempts me so.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I may not be dead inside after all. Because... I'M IN LOVE!

With my wedding planner... Rebecca Stone of Duet Weddings. Sorry, cub. I "heart" you too. "Miu." And er, Rebecca, if you happen to stumble-upon this blog which I purposely did not tell you about *facepalm* I'm really not psycho. You're really just that magnificent that it warrants a public display of affection in the blogosphere.

Met up with her last night at Nickel Diner downtown. Like any good event planner, she's done her R&D. She's dined out everywhere delicious in LA! However, until last night, she had yet to dine at Nickel. Over a meal of "everything", we talked weddings... such fun. For me, at least.

Le cub and I seriously lucked out landing her. Event planning talent aside, Rebecca's just a super sweet person who anyone would want to be friends with. She's a true foodie (eats everything) and is a dog-lover. She's also got a cute pug named Chester. *collective awwww...*

Just to give you an idea as to what she's cooked up in the past, click HERE, HERE and HERE. Ooh. Here's more. Click HERE!

I told you so.

Photo: Candy bar styled by Rebecca for one of her brides. Shot taken by Jose Villa.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tell It To My Heart

Oh Taylor (Dayne)... where have you gone?

So uh, I spent last weekend back in San Francisco. Over lunch at Taylor Refresher's at the Ferry Building, it was brought to my attention that I am neither a sentimental nor sensitive person. I am dead inside. Yeah, you heard me. I'm DEAD INSIDE. I have no feelings. Well, not NO feelings. But I possess very few feelings. Although the contents of this blog would suggest otherwise (I'm always gushing about le cub), I am incapable of conveying real emotion. I hide behind a wall of sarcasm, and well, I don't know what's wrong with me. When complimented, I get red and awkward, and am unable to shoot a compliment in return the way one's supposed to. When folks say, "I miss you, Debs!" I laugh it off and sarcastically mutter, "Er, me too?" "I love you, Debs!" will get you a "Thanks!" When folks pass away, I go, "That sucks, but that's life." And ooh, when folks link arms with me or hug me, I actually get stiff. It's the bubble. I walk around with an invisible Lady Gaga bubble. I don't know why I wear one... but I do. I don't know why. I suppose it's easier living as I do - being dead inside.

Le cub insists that he also isn't a "feeler", but ranks above me in the spectrum of feelings. Which led me to think, if even le cub ranks above me, who ranks beneath me? Larry David. The cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Chelsea Handler. Hmm. Is there anyone I know who ranks below me?!?

ALEXIS! My workshop compadre, Alexis! Thank you, woman, for being feeling-less with me. Even those of us who are dead inside appreciate some good company.

Like a Museum

I may not have enough seating for my relatives when they arrive for the holidays next Thursday (two chairs at my dining table, a couch, and a desk chair is all I've got to offer), but I will surely have enough art for them to ooh-and-ahh over. Latest addition is a vintage Alexander Calder Black Sun Lithograph, signed in stone, circa 1968. Yummmmeh.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hot Wheels

Saw this vintage Schwinn and my jaw dropped. Gorgeous. Stunning. Breath-taking. No longer available *sniffle* HERE.

Not Worthy

Imma let you finish, but Conan o' Brien is the best late-night show host EVER!
Headed for a live-taping of the show...
I'm so not worthy of these tickets, but am so-incredibly psyched!

It's Wednesday, November 10th.
What are YOU doing today?

Bad Romance

New Gaga. Very catchy.

I Heart These

These shades have got to make an appearance at le cub and cougar wedding...

Monday, November 09, 2009

Left My Heart in San Francisco...

Back from the Bay Area. While happy to be back because of Beans, I'd much rather be back in SF with le cub. T'was a lovely weekend spent with some of my most beloved friends...

- Pinkberry has arrived at LAX!
- Strange turkey cravings due to a glossy issue of Martha Stewart Thanksgiving. Thank you, le cub, for rushing me to Safeway.
- Quality doggie time with Emily and Seal.
- Shopping with the BFF and Jen for one last bridesmaid's dress. Jenny, we hope you like it!
- Romantic dinner with le cub at Top Chef participant, Jamie Lauren's restaurant, Absinthe. The scallops were perfection!
- My first UFC fight.
- Brunch with old friends in my old hood.

Cover Up

This isn't the dress I ended up picking out, so le cub, if you're looking, no worries, it's still going to be a surprise :) But this Monique Lhuillier Kennedy strapless is quite similar to what I ended up picking out. (Minus the lace obi belt!) With the gown down, I'm on the hunt for a fun necklace that would make me feel less naked on top. Strapless gowns aren't my thing, but there are very few pretty halter options available. That said, a bib necklace would be an easy solution. Thoughts on this Rebecca Koven number? Too bad I'm not blonde... it'd look so nice on a gal with lighter-colored hair...

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Mr. Brightside

Le cub and I are in the market for one last lamp for our home.
One for the living room.
I'm loving this Noguchi masterpiece.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Your Place or Mine?

Thanksgiving is being celebrated at my home this year. Le cub and I are cohosting with my aunt Su-su. She is THE best cook. No joke! Her food makes my tummy SMILE. Anyhow, this got me thinking that I should probably set aside some time to finish unpacking all my crap (I moved in mid-July, yet I'm still living out of boxes) AND that I should probably start hanging artwork on the walls - lest my grandparents make a comment about my unintentionally minimalist space.

Photo: Plucked from Apartment Therapy's recent posting about IKEA's Muddus table. I'm drawn to the homemade artwork in the background that's totally channeling Alex Katz or ooh, Marie Laurencin. I love her. What the heck. I'm going to post a a painting by her as well. A portraiture of Coco Chanel, no less :)


Watching "The September Issue" with Alexis at noon. YAY! Yes, we're a little behind on our movie-watching, but such is the life of a student. Muahahahaha. Who am I kidding? I don't have class until 4pm on Thursdays! Life is very good.

I Knead You

Running some tests. In order to do so, I've got to complete at least one character - armature and all... Fun, fun, fun.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Dream a Little Dream

Wedding this, wedding that. I can't help it. The planning process is so much fun.

Wish I would had taken photos of the assorted dresses I'd picked out for my bridesmaids before sending them out. But because they're no longer in my possession, you've got to do some imagining. The dresses selected are mismatched in texture and cuts, but all come in an ultra-flattering black. As I pulled the collection together, I thought to myself, this is "Chanel gone wrong!" Yay...

As bridesmaids gifts, I'm considering pieces from Elva Fields. The designs incorporate vintage pieces and would look just as good with a plain white tee as they would with little black bridesmaid dresses. See above. Incredibly beautiful. Incredibly fun.

Le cub has yet to formally invite his entourage, but I've already begun to brainstorm "outfits" for them. *teehee* Rather than have the boys rent their attire, if our budget allows for it, we're thinking, perhaps we can buy their attire. We'll see. But boy, oh boy, the boys would look dashing in the above-pictured charcoal grey vest, no? The seemingly-grey, but actually herringbone print tie would be the perfect touch.


I can't get no... satisfaction.

Stop-motion is much more difficult than it looks.

After trying, and failing to get into a free screening of Fantastic Mr. Fox with my classmate, Alexis, I sadly wandered on back to Burbank to work on my models. I tried to build a wire armature for "Henry," one of the supporting-actors in my film, but was unsatisfied with the final outcome. *scream into pillow* I also began to form Henry's head by wrapping FIMO clay around a ball of foil, but was unsatisfied with that final outcome as well. *more screaming into pillow* Instead of leaving Henry be, I ripped his "skin" off of the foil ball, and well, the above-photo speaks for itself.

I'm a creep.

Monday, November 02, 2009

In Virgin Territory

My first group gallery exhibition. Please stop by if you're in the neighborhood!

Sunday, November 01, 2009


Yes, le cub and I stepped into a Pavillions on Halloween night. I was thirsty.

Go banana!


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