Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Twinkle Toes

Surrealism for the home. Dali would be proud. Available at Wisteria.

More sketches to be posted soon. Have been busy helping le cub make his move to San Francisco.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Super Cut

Bit clever?

Photo from Advert News.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Down Under

Lifeguards at Manly Beach in Sydney.

First Things First

The cake is just as important as the dress :)

Pre-Flight Entertainment

Our flight to Sydney was delayed. While I managed to entertain myself by sketching and bonding with my pal, "Haribo," le cub passed time by spacing out and bonding with his pal, "Sam" (Adams).

Humans Are Weird

Doodles of random folks encountered on our trip to Sydney. Le cub and I enjoyed watching the family that shared our bus ride from from Bondi Beach back to Central Quay. The mom and her two sons were flaring their long-shaped nostrils for fun. Hmm.

He Picked Me

Back from Sydney... engaged to le cub.

Wouldn't It Be Nice

Flapping to the tune of Wouldn't It Be Nice by The Beach Boys would be very nice. Don't know what I'm talking about? Click HERE.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Take a Seat

"Selfish Giant" chair by Hannah Wilmot. Cute.

Do You Wanna Come on a Date?

To a romantic dinner. Le cub and I love Tan Hong Ming.

Stand Tall

When you encounter a coyote. That's what Google has taught me. That said, in the case of another "special occasion," I think I will have to start toting some sky-high heels on my walks with the pup. What do you think the coyotes prefer? Manolos or Louboutins? Beans prefers the latter...

Lovely Signage

Available HERE.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of THESE

Le cub bought a bag of chewy, chunky chocolate chip cookies to share on our long flight to the land down under. *ginormous smile and string of drool* He's the best.

Sunny Days

T-0!!! All packed and heading off to Sydney, Australia with le cub, my dears!
Be right back! (That's what I always tell Beans when we part...)

Photo of leggy brunette in short shorts (not me) by Garance. Love the Lolita glasses :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Let it Bee

When I was a little girl, my mom always tied my hair into two pig-tails.
But unlike other little girls' pig-tails, mine were incredibly uneven.
You see, I've always had a side-part... and my mom, not wanting to fight the part, tied my hair up accordingly.

Perhaps this is why I'm drawn to everything asymmetrical?

My Bologna Has a First Name

It's O-S-C-A-R...

How cute is this Oscar de la Renta dress? And paired with the bold blue shoes? Elegant without being too precious. *swoon*

My Favorite Flower

I have several nicknames for le cub. ("Le cub" happens to be one of many.) One of his many aliases is "Flower" because, let's face it, le cub can be quite the skunk. He's highly gaseous (like Beans), and "Flower" suits him well.

Inspired by this nickname, I've come up with the above pictured character, "Power Flower." Le cub thinks he looks a tad fruity - what with the petal bonnet, tights and all. I think he looks mighty fine.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Say My Name, Say My Name

Came across this hand-painted Amish farm produce roadside stand sign while browsing Three Potato Four. Bit awesome? Just not for sixty-five bucks...

And this ugly bear puppet available at Fine Little Shop. The "M" on his belly intrigues me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fake It

When le cub was young, a teacher told him "If you don't know the words, just go, 'Wa-ter-me-lon'." I can totally see le cub mouthing "watermelon" as a tot. I can also totally see le cub doing the same as an adult!

Mind Juice

I mine magazines for inspiration regularly. This irks Beans. The pup wants to play.


Like that Jonas Brothers song... I'm paranoid! Every time I drive past a bush-covered hill in the Valley, I visualize the ears and eyes of hungry coyotes peeking at me. I carry a bicycle horn with me on walks. It provides me with a false sense of security that I truly appreciate.

Get Lost

I love this. Buy a print HERE.

Hump Day

Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant. Had I seen this title sitting on a bookstore shelf without having read any review for it, I still would've picked it up. I eat alone pretty often, and am curious as to what "the greats" grub on when no one's looking.

Away We Go disappointed me, but (500) Days of Summer had me ogling within the first five minutes. Joseph Gordon-Levitt gave me a toothache. So cute. So sweet. Did I mention that he and I were in the same Anthropology class back at Columbia?! Adorable! And Zooey Deschanel. Stylin', yet not in an overly-precious manner. Having seen her highlight her vegan way of life on Top Chef makes me like her a teensy-bit less. I think I'm just jealous.

Finally, my Chiesa Yellow rug from The Rug Company has arrived. It's the most expensive possession in my home excluding my car... but it looks so incredible in our new space. Le cub would like y'all to know that the rug looks even better in person. Photos to come.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Fat Cow

Finished reading "My Life in France" by Julia Childs and got hungry.

My dear-dear-dear friend, Tiff was in LA this past weekend and gave me and le cub an excuse to indulge in loads of delicious and fatty food. Father's Office, Jin's Patisserie, Sushi Nishiya, Nickel Diner, Pizzeria Mozza... Photos of our gluttonous conquests have been posted at My Tummy Smiled.

My tummy. It's been smiling too often. I think I need to go running. Like Madge.

Friday, August 07, 2009


Le Voyage Magnifique Test Scene from Debra Chow on Vimeo.

I've been trying to upload my first-year 2D short, but have been experiencing difficulties getting the entire thing up and running. Ugh. I've also been trying to upload the improv puppet films my classmate and I created, and needless to say, I hit yet another wall. *deep breath...*

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


"Art should not be purchased to fill a space on a wall nor to match the color of your drapes, but to fill an emotional space in your heart." Tommy Thompson.

Yes, well... All of the above pieces would fill an emotional space in my heart.

"Pair of Abstract Paintings" by Jackie Lipton. Available at 1stdibs.

"Untitled #15" by Matthew Tischler. Available at 20x200.

"Signed and Numbered Color Litho" by George Braque. Available at 1stdibs.

"Unruly Children Will be Fried" by me. This piece is no longer available, but commissions welcome at Flaring Nostrils.

"Bouquet" by Jules Engle. Available at 1stdibs. (Engle was a pioneer in the field of animation for both the industry and the Walt Disney Company!)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I can get used to suburban sunsets. Took this photo of Burbank's hyper-color smog while standing outside of an IKEA. Le cub and I are fortunate enough to be living 10 minutes from one. Stopped by yesterday to pick out a bed for the guest room. Our goal is to get it assembled in time for our very first house guest. Tiff is due to arrive this Friday!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Scent of a Woman

During business school, I was asked on more than one occasion (four times, for that matter), what scent I wear. My response was always more complex than my inquirers probably anticipated. Here's my no-longer-secret secret-formula :o)

(1) Old Spice deodorant. Yup, believe it! I stole one le cub's high-endurance "fresh" sticks. I think it bothers him a bit that I kinda' sorta' smell like him, but hey... it's just one piece of the puzzle.

(2) Creed Silver Mountain Water. My favorite stand-alone fragrance. A teensy spritz goes a long way. This scent is refreshing, long-lasting, and although it's supposedly a men's scent, I think it's very much unisex.

(3) Narcisco Rodriguez for Her. Teeny-tiny spritz. The touch of musk feminizes my my overall formula.

Hmm. Two out of three ingredients are men's scents! No wonder I have all these women coming up to me and asking me what scent I'm wearing!

P.S. I painted this classy number pictured above. T'was a birthday present for my pal, Will...

Hungry Like The Wolf

This morning, while walking Beans in the canyon next to my new Burbank home, we nearly became the breakfast of THREE coyotes. *gulp*

Realizing that Beans wasn't the least bit aware of our dangerous situation (at least he didn't run towards them as if they were long lost friends), I panicked on his behalf. Without a cell phone, I had no one to call. I was completely unarmed! (I picked up an oh-so-intimidating pine-cone and considered tossing it at them, but I was scared that the coyotes would want to play fetch or something.) And so, I did what a frightened individual would naturally do. I ran. So did Beans. But when we did, they did.

Scared that we wouldn't be able to out run the coyotes (they were 8 feet away), I decided to face them and stopped in place. I stood as tall as I could and shouted "NO! NO! NO!" repeatedly and angrily, at the top of my lungs. I also swung my arms around as if I were swinging the Zorro sword. The pack stopped, so Beans and I tried to run towards the top of the hill once again. Only, when we did that, the coyotes picked up their pace too and once again began to run towards us. *heart thumping* I visualized our lil' bodies - mine, in my too-short-for-public running shorts and Beans' plump furry bod - sprawled across the canyon floor, bloody and mauled. And as I did so, I realized that I'd have to stop again and continue to show the coyotoes who's the boss by shouting at the coyotes and wave my arms at them like mad woman - while walking away as quickly as possible, backwards.

We made it back up the hill intact - at least today. So much for the beautiful morning walks. We're going to have to stick to less scenic options. Such a pity :o(


My brain is. Bite-sized, that is. Have been so sloooooow lately. Lost my phone, found my phone. Then lost it again. Ai-yo! TGI-Saturday...

Brain farts:

(1) The Bachelorette. Ed is to Victor Laszlo as Reid is to Rick aka Humphrey Bogart. (Casablanca) Oh, Reid.

(2) Funny People. Catching a showing tonight with Lil' Miss Block. *woot-woot*

(3) At last. Curtains I'd ordered from Restoration Hardware have arrived! All of life has literally been a stage for this past week, as I've been prancing before my ceiling to floor windows minus window dressings.

(4) T-1. Le cub's returning to "the den"!!! He's back tomorrow. The pup and I are VERY happy.


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