Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I just signed up for the LA Half Marathon in October. 
Le hubby had signed up for it a while back, but I didn't take the plunge until today. Seemed like a good idea ten minutes ago but now, I'm kinda thinking, "Holy crap! What have I gotten myself into?" Husband is totally going to have to wheelbarrow me to the end. 

Was peer-pressured into it by my Crossfit* cult - er, friends. I meant friends. I go running with them once a week around Silverlake Reservoir. They smothered me with kindness, pointed out that I'd get a medal if I finish up my 13 miles, and even promised me a spa treatment should I survive. 
I'm such a sucker.

Let the training begin.

* Why yes, folks... mushy lil' Debra is a member of Crossfit Ganbatte. I failed to mention on this blog that a little over 2 months ago, I joined Crossfit as an extreme means of addressing my post-baby-sedentary state. Honestly? I feel like overworked poo during my WODs (work outs of the day), but feel better-than-new after a nice long shower. As painful as the work outs are, I highly-recommend Crossfit. The coaches are encouraging - as are the other gym goers. And girls, don't worry. You won't leave the gym looking like an extra from the movie, 300. I used to live in constant fear that I'd end up looking like a midget Arnold (Schwarzenegger), but I've yet to become a hard chunk...

Spider Girl

My munchkin turned 7 months-old yesterday :)

A month ago, we hired Monica of Shoots & Giggles to shoot Olive, and here's one of our favorite shots (paired with a bonus shot of her baby feet). Yeah, she's topless. But Olive insists that she'll do anything for the sake of art. Oh dear...

Anyhow, as you can see, my baby girl is growing up to be quite the monkey. Or spider. Whatever. She's very active.  Crawling, standing up with support in her crib, babbling nonstop...
I love that she is growing up to be such a funny little person.
A complete 180 from the angry amoeba she was at birth! 

I can't believe it's all going by so quickly.
Quick. Someone get me a tissue. I think I'm gonna cry.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Breast Friends

Test shot from my thesis film. 
Breast friends.
Can you tell these dudes were cut from painted cardboard?

Boxers or Briefs?

More importantly, white or leopard?
(test shot from my thesis film)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Boo Hoo

Starting today, I will be diving into the deep-end of Adobe After Effects.
I've got a month to tame the program and grind out a thesis film.
Holy-mother-of... what have I gotten myself into?

* biting cherry red nails in state of sheer panic *

My first AE lesson took place last night, and as my patient friends got me acquainted with the interface, I couldn't help but think "GAWSH... I'd soooo much rather manipulate actual cardboard pieces under a hot camera like THIS"...

... "than e-manipulate the pieces using bat-shit-crazy technology like THIS"...

Whatever. I know I need to just suck the eff up and figure it all out. I've got the software and I've fabricated most of the necessary pieces. It's high-time this analog-granny strapped on a pair of big boy balls and learn something new. Eew.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bring It

'Sup. I've got mad teefs, yo. 
Somebody toss me a churro.

Olive munches on a donut.
A fake donut.

You guys?
This doesn't taste like a churro...
Life will be a whole lot easier if I learn to manage my expectations...

I love you, Olive.

Monday, July 02, 2012

In-Flight Entertainment

Munchkin's first flight (to San Francisco) was a success.

There was no Sky Mall catalog in our seat pouch.

But there were free drinks,
and Olive enjoyed the ice.

It's the small things in life...


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