Monday, September 26, 2011

Ooga Booga

Why hello, stranger.

Alas, it's true. I have been an awful blogger these past few weeks... and while it isn't the least bit fair, I'm going to blame the lack of updates on the lil' munchkin who has yet to arrive. (She doesn't mind taking one for the team. What a sweetheart. Mommy owes you one.)

So much to share, and intend to post scans and photos of EVERYTHING.
But one step at a time.
Baby steps.
First things first.

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My pregnancy bod. Everyone around me is fascinated by my ginormous belly. Yup. I'm looking like a total tub o' lard. But what I find most fascinating are my newfound breasts, er, UDDERS. I've gone from an A-cup to a C-cup, and no, my boobies aren't the least bit sexy because my areola have expanded to the size of large pepperoni slices and the actual nips stand erect like No.2 pencil erasers. Eew, eew, eew. I disgust myself. But you know what? It'll all be worth it when the munchkin arrives. Anything that can pull of the following look can't be that bad...

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