Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt

Yo. 'Sup Internet stalkers. It's me. Olive. I'm now 3.5 months-old and a real riot. Mommy says I'm a lot more fun now that I'm laughing and stuff. To be perfectly honest, I think she's just gotten used to my grumpiness. *chuckle* Yes. I still get grumpy. Ironic, given the fact that "Olive" branches are associated with "peace", no? Hehe.

Seriously. Check me out. I'm now clocking in at 24.5 inches tall and I'm 14 lbs 14 oz heavy. I know you all think these stats make me obese, but apparently these numbers mean I'm perfectly normal. babies are meant to be chubby. That said, quick, someone feed me!!!

Went out for brunch this weekend with Mommy and her biz-school friend, Ivana. I was incredibly well-behaved. Saw Mommy having a frisee salad topped with bacon and a poached egg. It looked so good that I reached for some. No success. Man, I can't wait to grow some teeth.

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Madge said...

How gorgeous is your baby girl! Wow, what a little beauty!


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