Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spider Girl

My munchkin turned 7 months-old yesterday :)

A month ago, we hired Monica of Shoots & Giggles to shoot Olive, and here's one of our favorite shots (paired with a bonus shot of her baby feet). Yeah, she's topless. But Olive insists that she'll do anything for the sake of art. Oh dear...

Anyhow, as you can see, my baby girl is growing up to be quite the monkey. Or spider. Whatever. She's very active.  Crawling, standing up with support in her crib, babbling nonstop...
I love that she is growing up to be such a funny little person.
A complete 180 from the angry amoeba she was at birth! 

I can't believe it's all going by so quickly.
Quick. Someone get me a tissue. I think I'm gonna cry.

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