Monday, October 01, 2012


our cottage in kennebunkport

complete with a view

munchkin adored our nautical-themed abode

olive, le cub and i left for our much-anticipated maine trip early last week and made our bittersweet return home yesterday. maine was everything we imagined it would be - but better.

gorgeous scenery at cape elizabeth...

delicious seafood at the lobster shack...

outrageously fluffy doughnuts at congdon's doughnuts...


super-moist whoopie pies, friendly white folks wearing barbour, the antique version of everything you see at restoration hardware, ridiculously gorgeous homes, fresh air... yes, i could go on. 

we enjoyed our stay so much so that le cub and i began talking crazy like, "babe, let's make a tradition of this. we can bring olive out here once a year!" only, neither of us were actually talking crazy. we were both being serious. olive may not get a chance to grow up in a small town (due to her parents' love of convenience and fear of being bored), but she sure as hell deserves a chance to chill out one once a year in a wide-open green space where she can enjoy the change of season, learn to ride a cruiser, row a frickin' kayak, throw an authentic lobster bake, snuggle up indoors and watch "ghostbusters" on dvd when it's raining outside... we did that.

happy to be back home with beans, but sad to have left a truly beautiful place. (am also sad that le cub had to fly out morning to get back to work). more about our trip to come!

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Madge said...

beautiful. you should make it a tradition, no question!


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