Monday, February 04, 2013

Bite of the Big Apple

Back from our whirwind trip to the Big Apple. 
I left my voice there.
And I'm pretty sure little Olive left her heart there.

From the looks on her face for most of the trip, I'm pretty sure kiddo thinks the place is faboosh.
I didn't think she was going to understand what was going on around her when we booked the tickets, but one should never underestimate a munchkin's ability to process and appreciate. My baby girl's eyes were wide-open during each stroll and cab-ride... There didn't seem to be a bite of food during each meal out that she turned down... And don't even get me started on the joy on her face when we first stepped foot into FAO Schwarz... Girl knew what was going on. And she was on a mission...

I spy tutus! Oh dear...

Mama, pandas!

And ooh! Extra-large Chupa chups! 
I lick it, I keep it!

Ahh... Vacays are always fun, but boy am I happy to be back. 
Pretty sure she is as well.

1 comment:

Jenny Sherman said...

awwww i loooove!! maybe she'll be a little NYC fashionista!


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