Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dog Gone It

Because Ethel's dog ultimately gets struck by lightning, I did not want to make him out of clay. I bought faux fur, "craft fur" thinking I could get a Fantastic Mr. Fox effect for the dog character, but no... the scale of the craft fur was too large. That said, I decided to stylize the dog. Why not have him be a mop top mutt (a Hungarian Komondor)?! Taking inspiration from the photo to the left, I began crafting Ethel's canine companion - whom we'll tentatively refer to as "Noodle". I built an armature (skeleton) out of wire, floral tape and foam (the usual line-up) and then covered the body with thin strands of yarn. Noodle's head isn't on yet - I need to form one out of clay. Don't be scared.


JennySRP said...

so much awesome that it is its own sauce. Saucesome.

lepetitdoodler said...

aww, jenneh...


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