Monday, August 02, 2010

That's What Friends Are For

Was in the Bay Area this past weekend visiting le cub in his SF digs for one last time before his big move back to LA...

Was able to catch up with the bff, "Hammy" on Sunday. We had made plans to check out the Renegade Crafts Fair being held at Fort Mason, but lo and behold... the Barney's warehouse sale was taking place right next door! Unable to resist, we attended both events... muah-haha.

Pictured: Me and "le bff" joining other crazy women in the dressing "zone" that had been pitched in the middle of the warehouse. In order to try on clothes, one had to strip down in front of lots of strangers. What chicks wouldn't do for a good deal! And gosh, for some odd reason, all the pieces we'd grabbed to try on did not have zippers, so we found ourselves struggling to change out of several dresses. So lucky that we had each other!!! (And ooh, tall pervy men were able to see over the tarp barricade. Le bff and I were able to ignore the oglers. Frankly speaking, if you're a dude at a Barney's warehouse sale, you're probably not into chicks anyway... :)


Juliet Hsu said...

i was there at the sale! on saturday! 5pm!

lepetitdoodler said...

wahaha... juliet! i think we were there at the same time! the mothership........ :)


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