Monday, December 27, 2010

New Additions

Ones that do not cry :)

A $3.50 Rose Bowl Flea Market find. (Not including the frame. I picked this intentionally-gaudy gold frame out at Aaron Brother's 1-Cent Frame Sale). Yes, what you see is Bob's Big Boy... floating in a toilet.

On a fancier note? On its way to le cub and cougar home is another piece of art... One to celebrate with champagne - and fried chicken. A lithograph of Murakami Takashi's DOB: And then and then and then and then and then in rust (2006). I know this image has been seen everywhere (Murakami is, after all, Japan's answer to Warhol)... but his work, along with Yoshitomo Nara's have long been the source of inspiration for all of mine. I bid for this piece in an auction on artnet hoping I'd win, and holy-crap, I did!!! DOB is the boss of Murakami's character empire. It was only fitting that I target him first. Want to see more of Murakami's work? HERE is a lil' video on the man and his Versaille exhibition (held earlier this year). Ahhhh. Genius.

Just so y'all know, Beans approves of le cub and cougar's current collection of work. Once everything is displayed properly, a lil' art tour is due. Speaking of art, the LA Art Show is taking place in January... I'll be there. Obvi.

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JennySRP said...

LOVE!!!!!!! I love Murakami!


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