Friday, January 21, 2011

Room With a View

My gig at the JHC (Jim Henson Company) has been gravy. Like Fight Club, you don't talk about the JHC, so with that said, I shall move on to the other scintillating event that's been toying with my life - and le cub's!

Our new home. It's in Silver Lake (still in La-La land, my friends), and we're currently in escrow. Want a sneak-peek of our new pad? Mos-def? Look above! View from the deck of our new baby. *collective oohs and ahhs* Yes, we can't believe it either!


JennySRP said...

So many colors! love!

Melissa said...

I've BEEN to Silver Lake, and it didn't look ANYTHING like this photo.

Of course, it was Silver Lake, KANSAS.

p.s. Word Verification - undine - how apropos to your new locale.

kimberlina said...




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