Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trips Ahoy

Le cub and I were in the Big Apple this past weekend, and yes, we saw lots, ate lots, and shopped lots. Well, window-shopped lots. Ever the patient fella', he spent a grand total of 6 hours at ABC Carpet & Home with yours truly. What can I say? The shop is beautiful. It's a museum, really... and I was mesmerized by the thought of furnishing our future home (more about that later) in ABC's delectable ware. Dreams do come true, you know...

Pictured: Snapshot of the beautiful walnut table at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s ABC Kitchen. (Isn't it goooorgeous?) Yep, the shop has a restaurant on its lower level. And yes, we ate there. C'mon... 6 hours! The decor is rustic... hip... whimsical. I ate it ALL up, dammit. So frickin' good. The decor and the food!

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