Monday, March 26, 2012

To Each Their Own

Everyone has a fetish or two. My husband I conveniently share one for large pores. *Collective "EEW!* Okay. I mean "tufting". We have a thing for tufting. The shot above is one of our master bedroom bed. Alas, this is where the magic happens. On an enormous saltine! A Nickey Kehoe saltine, no less. Bottom shot is of our most recent home purchase. (Husband is no Vanna White.) A Timothy Oulton leather two-seater covered in pores. Super duper strange-looking, but after eyeing it for some time at H.D. Buttercup, le hubs and I ultimately decided that this weirdo will go perfectly with the rest of our eclectic decor. Contrary to what it seems, this couch is compact (the camera added ten-thousand pounds!), incredibly comfortable and completely childproof. Can't wait to share a shot of our living room once it gets closer to done...

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JennySRP said...

very nice!


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