Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fantastic Voyage

Le huz and I have always bonded over our love of travel. Before the munchkin's arrival, it was possible to sneak off on the occasional last-minute trip to say, New York or even Sydney... but pulling off the same kind of spontaneity with a teeny tiny infant just wasn't possible for us. Oh, the screams. The tears!!!

Well, big news for y'all... Olive is no longer an infant. And with age has come a strange tolerance for plane rides, an adoration for the iPad (Elmo!), and appreciation of all things new and never-before-seen. As difficult as our munchkin was during her colic months, she's made up for that time by being a surprisingly good traveler. Huz and I are showered with compliments each time we take her on a plane. "Best baby ever!" "I wish all babies were like her on a plane." And ooh, "Did you give her tranquilizers? She was so well-behaved!" Armed with bottles for take-off and landing, a tupperware of blueberries and our Ergo baby carrier (God-sent), this mommy and baby duo can go anywhere! At this age, she still thinks Mommy's lap is the best seat in the house. A good thing, because Mommy's lap is free...

Ahh, a mere year-old, Olive has already been to San Francisco, Boston, all-over Maine, Taipei, Portland, and soon zee Big Apple. That's right... We're New York bound this weekend - on a red-eye flight, no less. Let's hope this little jetsetter is reeeeeally sleepy through out the flight.

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Jenny Sherman said...

good luck, have fun! great baby <3


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