Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mama Said Knock You Out

When not on hovering over my daughter to keep her Dora the Explorer underpants dry (we're potty training season here in the Huang household), I can be found wallowing in self-pity over my manatee state. Seriously? I don't even own a full-length mirror because for as long as we've lived in this house, I've been incubating little humans (first with Olive, now with baby Quinn). Pregnancy is not a good look for me (Snork snout bellybutton, veiny breasts topped with intimidating nipples). Seeing my reflection depresses me.

However, when not preoccupied with either of the above-mentioned, I've been enjoying myself at Refuge Design Build. Visuals of a few of the projects I've been up to:

Project Maltman. Duplex renovation. The whole shebang.
I asked the guys to take the stairs.
They did as they were told.

Photo from the first day of demolition at Maltman.
Love it.

Lower unit of Maltman.
Looking like a feature on HGTV's House Hunters Gone International.

Lower unit of Maltman. 
More framing to come down to make for an open floor plan.
Imagine Jenna Lyon's former kitchen inserted into this space.
 You know, the much-loved, much-pinned space from her Brooklyn brownstone...
Yes. It's happening.

Project West Hollywood. Single-family residence renovation. Kitchen and then-some.
Shot from cabinetry install day.
Farrow & Ball's Cornforth White is never a bad way to go, people.

West Hollywood.
Breakfast nook to come.

West Hollywood.
A masculine palette of denim, ticking stripe and linens for the nook.

In a nutshell? I've been knocking a lot of stuff down (with the help of my contractors). Finished product photos due mid-April. Just had to share some work-in-progress shots. I find perfection in the imperfection!

P.S. Refuge Design Build business cards designed by the talented Aileen Cheng are in and they are gorgeous! So thankful for you, Aileen!

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