Monday, December 01, 2008


I'm it!

Was tagged by fellow IF contributor, the uber-talented Searlait (Thanks, woman!). Per her request, I am now going to reveal titillating 7 facts about yours truly. Here goes!

Fact 1: I have met both Bill Gates the Second (aka "Senior") and Bill Gates the Third (of Microsoft fame) -- on separate occasions. I was once assigned the task of "entertaining" Bill Senior at a fancy dinner party back when I lived in Seattle. Spent over an hour chatting with him about the Seattle Mariners, "wood-ear" (an edible fungi), and trampolines. Apparently Bill Junior has a room in his McMansion featuring a trampoline floor :)

Fact 2: My favorite food item is buttered-toast. It's better with butter.

Fact 3: I "heart" NY. Of the numerous cities I've lived in, I miss New York the most. It's still my number one.

Fact 4: Yet I dream of Paris. The food (Laduree, I love you), the art (L'Orangerie), the fashion (Colette's windows are incredible)... and the flea markets (Porte de Clignancourt is a must-see)...

Fact 5: Before I die, there are 3 things that I've gotta get done. One, get a dog. (Check!) Two, illustrate a children's book. (One is in the works. Half-check!) Three, have a baby. Hmm. I've gotta' work on that goal...

Fact 5: I have wanted to be an animator since the 5th grade. However, after interviewing a fella' named "Art" from Warner Brothers, I was discouraged from pursuing well, my "art". But look at me now!

Fact 6: I nearly didn't graduate with my undergraduate degree. Columbia University has a swim-test requirement to graduate (3 lengths of an Olympic-sized pool) and I failed it! (So I'm no Michael Phelps. So whaaat?!) I did, however, take the test a second time (immediately after my first failed-attempt), and passed. Whew.

Fact 7: I'm five-feet tall. NOT four-eleven. In fact, I'm five-feet and a quarter-inch. Take that!

Whew. That was a mouthful. And now I'm supposed to tag seven other bloggers by leaving comments on their blogs. Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha! *tag-tag-tag-tag-tag-tag* What?! Only six tags?! Yeah, well, that's because I haven't got seven taggable blogspot buddies to tag! (Everyone else has been tagged.) Six will have to do. The following folks are IT!

1. almost never daily
2. lifeflix
3. josh frost
4. gerald
5. lazysheep
6. larrychi

Happy tagging!

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