Thursday, December 04, 2008


My bff married the love of her life this past weekend and I was in Vegas to witness the whole shebang. The gathering was intimate with 24 guests presents -- mostly family. Highlights of the holiday-wedding-weekend include, but are not limited to, the following:

1) \Thanksgiving meal at Stratta. Their Bosco pizza (a truffle and mushroom thin crust wood oven pizza is to die for!) Orgasmically delicious.

2) Pammy's Bachelorette Partaaay. An evening of "Thunder from Down Under" action featuring lil' Pammy wearing a weiner headband in the opening act and a beat-boxing ass was followed up my an evening of shameless dancing at Lavo. Good-times!

3) Zipping Pammy into her gorgeous Melissa Sweet gown. She looked beautiful. Radiant. Who would've thunk that beneath the gorgeous gown was a goofy-looking corset resembling a white bullet-proof vest?!

4) The wedding. Quick and unfussy, it took place at the famous (infamous) Little White Chapel off the strip. As cheesy as the ceremony was, I cried.

5) The wedding banquet at Wing Lei at Wynn. Pammy's pop, having waited 29 years for this big day, drank non-stop and earned himself the new nickname, Uncle "Bottoms Up" Cheng. A real rock-star!

I still can't believe my little Pammy is married.
And I'll bet Pammy feels the same...

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HAMMY said...

Debs! I'm so glad to have made it on your blog -- I'm so glad you were there to celebrate my little white chapel wedding ! :) I will never forget it !
Oh and my dress was from some designer named Romona Kezeva. (can't spell ??) FYI. haha
Love you tons!


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