Friday, December 12, 2008

Indulge Me

With my first quarter 15-second student film behind me, I was free to make my personal contribution to the ailing retail economy earlier today. But before I exercised my right to swipe (my credit card, that is), le cub and I took the puppy on a happy hike through Runyon Canyon. As if Beans weren't stimulated enough following the hike, we drove him to The Modern Dog, an uber-yuppy doggy boutique along Abbot Kinney. I'd received a generous gift certificate for the shop from my good friend Johnny for my birthday, and I thought, what better time to spend it all than now? It's Christmas! Scooped up fancy-shmancy cookies, duck breast treats, and some stuffed toys for Beans. I swear he smiled when I presented him with his very first sock money.

Later in the evening, after le cub departed for his much-anticipated seven pub crawl, I swung by Century City mall to finish up my Christmas shopping. Can't list what I picked out for my friends and family, but let's just say I did good! And for myself? (I couldn't resist the urge. Everything's on sale!) I searched high and low for something spectacular (or at very least, fun) to wear on New Year's Eve. A jewel-tone satin top by Velvet satisfied my craving for color, a pair of rich, black, suede booties from recession-friendly Zara will go nicely with both skinny jeans and mini-dresses, and a cozy cowl-neck oatmeal sweater (that will always serve me well as a dress) from Madewell will all be making multiple appearances during my trip back home.

Looking forward to packing everyone's gifts and ooh, my beautiful new clothes!


Teresa Wu said...

Jealous you'll be celebrating holidays in Taiwan. Thanks for linking mymomisafob! :)

Gerald said...

You gonna post and share your 15 second film on youtube? I bet that feels good :)


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