Sunday, November 07, 2010

Missing Piece

my bff, hammy, is moving to taiwan. yep, she has decided to be a waste of space in a place way across the ocean because her husband's career is based there. *sigh* while i am happy for their success (i have no doubt that their joint efforts will lead to success), i can't help but feel sad that i will no longer be able to call up my pammy ten times a day to chat about body hair, dogs, and our husbands. luckily, we no longer live in the stone-age and will be able to chat online... which leads me to think... wouldn't it be awesome if i were to build a little phone/photo booth with an assortment of backgrounds that i could step into and call her from? kinda' like the one peewee (of peewee's playhouse) used to have. couldn't find a video of him in his booth, but i did manage to locate one of my favorite pee wee moments. (watch video.) pee wee makes ice-cream soup!!! genius. pammy, you get that?!

gosh, i don't know how i went from missing pammy to missing pee wee. either way, i'm missing...

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hammy said...

awwww.. dont worry BFF... we will find our way back to each other sooner or later. There's no way we can be apart for too long. It's not humane. This world is a better place when we are together. At least in the same state. (: You and me.. friends till the end!


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