Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Once Upon a Time

Le cub and I were married on August 28th, but we've yet to see our wedding photos! (We've also yet to see our full-length wedding video... but I suppose these are the unforeseen costs of hiring totally-awesome-but-uber-high--in-demand photogs and videographers for one's big day.) No biggie. I just hope this means that Max is going to make us look that much more awesome... because visuals of that day are unfortunately fading away in our feeble minds. Max did send over a handful for my parents to use at our December reception back in Taiwan. Here's one for kicks. Can't wait to blow it up...


JennySRP said...

All wedding photographers I have ever heard of take a long time with the photos. I duno why! =D

kimberlina said...

sucks! i can't wait to see them either! did you get a time estimate? it took us 3 months to get ours. oy!


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