Sunday, May 15, 2011

One Man's Trash...

is another man's treasure.

Behold! My booty from the Long Beach Flea Market! Well-deserved, mind you, as le hubby and I had to venture out of the house at 6am in order to get first dibs on all this "junk". (Unpictured is an entire Danish modern dining room set I purchased on behalf of a friend. $300 for a gorgeous walnut table and and four lovely matching chairs. You gotta' love a good flea.)

A framed limited-edition lithograph of "Bouquet dans Latelier" by French artist Alfred Defossez for $40. Looked the fellow up the moment I go home. The exact same lithograph (unframed) us running for nearly $400 online. *fist-pump*

An assortment of totally rockin' handmade 60s ceramics and a neato wood cutting board - all for $15!

A fat bear we've named "Barry" for $15. He will be greeting all future guests of our Silver Lake home. And as you can clearly see, Beans totally digs him.

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