Sunday, May 01, 2011

Face Lift

Le hubby and I invested in a new home not so long ago but have yet to move in. The place is under construction (repairs and renovations to make the place more "us"), and well, take a peek at what's been going on in the cougar household...

A look at our guest bath. (At this point, the entire bath's been tiled and the tub is patiently awaiting its top and side slabs... talk about progress!)

Top: Original 1920s deco tile (Sure it was cute, but several tiles were cracked, the fixtures were old in a bad way, there's no insulation, and the telephone booth shower - unpictured - was just darn scary. DEMOLISH!)
Center: Demolished bathroom. (Ahh...)
Bottom: New herringbone carrera tile. Oui. Shwanky!
Very Bottom: Our inspiration board


JennySRP said...

wowzah! I cannot wait to visit!

lepetitdoodler said...

can't wait for you to visit!


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