Monday, June 13, 2011

Working Girl

Life beyond the cozy confines of UCLA's School of Theater Film and Television is a tad scary... but then again, so am I.

See me, second weirdo from the right. Yes, I am special. I was busting out sex robot moves.
See me, at the UCLA Festival of Animation. Yes, I am battling my friend, Natalie with a 6 foot long submarine sandwich.
(Thank you, Hedy, for both shots.)

First day at my new job.
Baby thought it was fun.


kimberlina said...

super congrats!! on the job, the house, the baby, the graduation. :)

JennySRP said...

awww yaay i am glad you have a job. i will have monies one day too. :P Congrats!

lepetitdoodler said...

thanks, gals!

Madge said...

congrats - time flies!


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