Thursday, June 02, 2011

Summer, Summer, Summertime

Summer sales have begun, and amidst all the school year-end frenzy, I've managed to fit in some online shopping last week.

While perusing the web for steals, I spotted the insightful words of Marc Johns.

Celine Wayfarers. Rayban Wayfarers don't fit properly on my fat face, but Celine's I'm-hipper-than-a-hipster version, do. Mine are navy. Couldn't possibly pull off this fashion-forward pair in nude. Who do you think I am? Giovanna? I think not.

And gaaaawsh. Isn't this sno-cone truck adorable? Why must it be a Baltimore thing? California needs a fresh and fruity sno-cone alternative. Did somebody say road trip?!?

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