Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bad Mama Jamma

Watch THIS before reading the rest. Just 'cuz. It'll make your day. I promise.

So uh, yeah. Le hubs and I have been looking into cribs and strollers for our unborn weirdo. It's hard to believe that something so little needs so freaking much! Anyhow, Our crib choices have been narrowed down, and we've been considering this over-priced jail house by Stokke:

The Caravan Crib by Kalon Studios is another fab and funky option:

And then there was THIS:

Faux fur sweatshirt by Talc available at Smallable.

It's shit-in-your-pants adorable, no? Yeah, I think so.


JennySRP said...

it is def shit in your pants adorable. My ovaries just twitched. I need a baby now.

lepetitdoodler said...

lol. she won't be able to sleep in it. she'll most likely grow out of it within a week. but what the face. it needs to be bought and saved for when she's three/four and is capable of doing the jenneh sherman toe point dance. you can borrow her whenever.

JennySRP said...

hahah perfect, I love it! yes whenever i think of buying something for my new neice I am reminded that they grow out of that shiz in 3.5 days so spending $40 on shoes is a tad ridiculous unless you plan on bronzing them some day! =P


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