Wednesday, August 31, 2011

While You Were Sleeping

Dear Munchkin,

Babies incubate for 9-months because that's exactly how long it takes for mamas and papas-to-be to get their "caca" together.

Over these past 2 weeks, I have been researching all sorts of baby "caca." CRIBS, for example. We got you this one. With the most important baby item down, your pop and I are now gearing up to plan your munchkin sleeping quarters. Though usually partial to a muted palette of grays and beige *yes, your parents are boring* we hope to offer you, munchkin, something brighter, bolder, and happier. A little color never hurts anyone. While you were sleeping, I saved a couple of reference images. Baby girl, I hope you "likee" the direction we're going...

Le color palette: a little bit of everything. Was inspired by the suite we stayed at last weekend at The Parker in Palm Springs:

I'd like to bring some much-needed color into your soon-to-be big life. Baskin Robbins' Chocolate Mint green could make for a delicious wall color. Wouldn't you say?


Not feeling it? How 'bout a calming sky blue?


Now, in order to keep your space edgy, we'll need to incorporate RED. HOT PINK. BLACK. Check out this shot of the Kate Spade store in San Francisco. Fierce, huh? *Beans nods head*


I'll be posting a mood board soon...

(Ooh. Letterpress print featured above is by Sycamore Street Press available via Etsy.)

1 comment:

JennySRP said...

omigosh that crib/bed is so awesome. Three Cheers! I love the "baskin robbins mint green" room look, and also an inspiration of the palm desert hotel. i hear green is a very calming/soothing color though babies are colorblind for like their first 5 years, right? LOL!

You're adorable, I love you, can you please decorate my life.


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