Thursday, August 04, 2011


Folks keep asking whether or not I have a "feeling" about the sex of the baby. Truth of the matter is, this "feeling" that some mamas-to-be get has yet to hit me. Kinda' like growth spurts at puberty. Look, all I know is that I've been indulging in boat loads of lemonade and hickory smoked gouda like no other. (So I exaggerate.) Perhaps this child is part mouse?

Whatever. Beans likes that I indulge in gouda. He gobbles up the waxy edges. I cut 'em off with the world's most beautiful cheese knife by Georg Jensen. Yup. I binge in style.


JennySRP said...

hhahaahah lemonade and gouda ! Of course! LOL!!

Don't worry about having motherly feelings, nothing is wrong with you you are perfect as you are. Moms come in all shapes and sizes. Some even have penises. =P

There are enough other people in the world with enough feelings and gushmush to go around.


lepetitdoodler said...

haha. i should clarify. i have lots of feelings about the baby! just not the sex of the baby. i'm actually really looking to the alien's arrival. i can't wait to mold "it" into a little weirdo :)

JennySRP said...

i cannot wait to see how you mold it either. luckiest little baby in the world <3


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