Tuesday, June 26, 2012

If You're Happy and You Know It

My thesis. Progress is being made.
Sure, I'm still fabricating a bajillion pieces of cardboard props.
You know... pieces that won't be put into motion until mid-July.
While I really do enjoy the fabrication process, I'm also really looking forward to animating again.

Miss Olive.
She is so cute. So fat. So naughty.
To think she's all mine!
Parenthood has been a simultaneously heart-warming and maddening experience.
Wouldn't trade this little monster for the world.
Though had you asked me last night around 2am when she was refusing to sleep, I just might have.
Never thought I'd become an addict.
But ever since the munchkin came around, I can't stop looking at mini clothes.
Loving Gilt.
Olive would be naked otherwise.
How cute is this "Zelda Dress" by Ses Petites Mains?
I wish they had it in MY size.

Vintage artwork.
I've collected a bunch, but few have been nailed up on our walls.
Haven't had the time.
Nor the wall space, for that matter.
Olive created her very first abstract expressionist masterpiece last week in pre-pre-preschool,
and it takes up quite a bit of space.

Painting sans clothing.
Prodigy in the making.

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