Monday, June 11, 2012

Ongoing Projects

"boo hoo baby" 
the title of my work-in-progress thesis. 
i'm constructing props and characters out of cardboard and animating the pieces using flash and after effects. 
i say that as if i'm an adobe software wiz. 
so not the case. 
luckily i have wonderful friends who are, and they're going to pull me through the fog. 
like pack of selfless sleigh dogs. 

when not cutting or painting up a storm, i can be found messing around with my other ongoing project.
raising a human being.
here i am with my munchkin in the wee hours of the morning.
she's an early riser.
5am, to be exact.

she's not up for the worms.
she's up for the "yo gabba gabba" clips i pull up for her on youtube.

happy baby, happy mommy.

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