Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I'd been successfully shielding her from harm for as long as I could... but last night, mommy-the-protector failed. The munchkin has caught a slight cold. (I blame the A/C.) Watching her in discomfort makes me sad. To think... this is just a runny nose!

Poor chublette. Because her nose was running (note: only from one of her itty-bitty nostrils), she wasn't able to catch a good shut-eye. Which means neither did I. Check out our early-morning "party" at 4:30 am.

Top: My mini-me being needy. She's like a baby sloth... clinging on.
Bottom: Olive sneezing. I know it's wrong to enjoy them, but I do. Baby sneezes are so cute.

Feel better, little one.

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