Thursday, August 09, 2012

Under Pressure

Most folks I know have a bucket list. You know, the list of crap you want to achieve or attain before you croak? 
Since college, my bucket list has consisted of getting a puppy, making baby, and writing and illustrating a children's book. 

With Beans and Olive in tow, I've got one and two taken care of. But the children's book? I'm working on it. The moment I turn in my thesis (gaaaaaah, it's taking forever), you can best bet that I'll be grinding out something wonderfully strange. I've been brainstorming a bunch. Let's just say it ain't easy coming up with a satisfying story that can be told within 25 pages! Lots of self-editing. NOT my forte.

On a side note, my friend, Mary Lai is currently working to fund a kick-ass comic anthology via Kickstarter. Click HERE to back the project up! The deadline for artists to submit work is tomorrow. Naturally, I started and finished my submission today. See above. You may want to click on the image to see it enlarged. That is, unless you have bionic eyeballs and can read micro-type.


Jenny Sherman said...

amazeballs! i just finished writing my story.. it is way too epic to even illustrate, plus im on doctors orders to do no work =( congrats to you tho! so proud you finishd!

MaeMae Paperie said...

i think it should be a children book SERIES!!!!!!!!!!

lepetitdoodler said...

hahaha... my next feature character is going to be cornelius. he's a tuft of armpit hair trying to make it to the olympics.


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