Monday, August 13, 2012

Girl, Look at That Body

It's never too late, people. NEVER.

At the ripe age of 32 (going on 33), I've finally committed myself to a fitness regimen. Can you believe it? This sedentary mama who has spent countless evenings sitting in bed watching The Biggest Loser whilst munching on blocks of cheese (true story) joined THIS Crossfit box a couple months ago and *gasp* have strangely, gotten into it. Since joining, muscles I never knew I had are confused and sore (see above). Distances I never knew I could run have been ran. (Seriously, the last time I ran was in the 90s!) And well, I never spew stuff like what I'm about to spew, but... I am really proud of myself. I'm becoming physically and mentally stronger with each work out, accomplishing tasks I never imagined achieving, and that's like, totally radical.

As if positive-mental-attitude mumbo-jumbo isn't weird and out-of-character enough, I signed up for the LA Half Marathon taking place downtown on Halloween. Losing my mind? Yeah, probably. Le hubby signed up with me, so we'll see how the power of love manifests itself day of. (Visualizing le hubby carrying me over the finish line on piggyback. Ahhh... how romantic.)


Jenny Sherman said...

Aww I love this! I read an article on the ages of various olympic athletes and there were quite a few pushing 40. It really inspires me that even though I missed out on "the ripest" years of my 20's, if I get better I can still be healthier and stronger than ever when I reach my 40th bday. My dad has lost 150 pounds over the last year and has been such an inspiration, and he's 67 years old!!! So excited for you.

Jenny Sherman said...

also. i cannot wait to attend your first gallery opening. Its going to happen, and it will be big.


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