Thursday, September 20, 2012

Doing It

I, like most folks, have a bucket list. (List dictating all the shit I want to do before I kick the bucket.) Mine has yet to change since college, and it remains short and feasible. It reads like so: 1) Get a puppy, 2) Have a baby, and 3) Write and illustrate a children's book. Number one and two on the list have been achieved (Beans and Olive, your Ma thanks you), but number three remains to be seen. But I'm working on it. I read "Writing Children's Books for Dummies" (desperate times call for desperate measures) and have began brainstorming the plot of my very first tale in a brand-new Moleskin. (A glimpse into my mad mind above.) You excited? I am! Self-imposed deadline? December of 2012. It's happening.

1 comment:

kimberlina said...

omg - it looks FANTASTIC!


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