Monday, July 08, 2013

Ice, Ice, Baby

Olive at the Harpa in Reykjavik

Traveling with the little ones ain't an easy task, but inspired by stranger-than-fiction blogger mamas - like this one and this one... neither of which I know personally... for let's be honest, all my friends are hot-mess mamas like moi - I've managed to make it work. Since arriving on this planet, little Olive has ventured to Oregon, Maine, Massachusetts and New York. She's already been to Taiwan twice, and dude, her most recent pitstop was Iceland!

Leave it to her fabulous uncles Eric and Chuan to plan a week-long wedding celebration in Iceland, of all places. It was the perfect excuse to expose the kid to, well, MORE. As tiring as it was, le huz and I have no regrets that we brought her along, for anyone with eyes could tell that Olive enjoyed every minute of the trip. A dip in the Blue Lagoon, hike on a glacier, death-defying volcano climb, late-night dancing, and even a hot-tubbing experience into the wee hours of the night. Our monster was psyched to be included in every activity and is now addicted to Skyr (Icelandic yogurt). Kid has taste.

Olive trekking Langjokull Glacier in inappropriate footwear. 
No worries, the munchkin wasn't out for long. She's too young to be losing toes.

Blue Lagoon dip with mommy and her beloved Auntie Jen - the same day we landed in Iceland.

Kvosin Downtown Hotel in Reykjavik.

Munchkin and I have another trip planned a month from now. Mother and daughter are tagging along with le huz on his business trip. He's making stops in Paris, Frankurt and London. Olive and I are staying put in Paris while le huz works and plan to hop the Eurostar (just mommy and daughter) to meet up with friends and family in London. Le huz will meet up with us in London. As always, I'm on the look-out for travel tips from parents. In exchange, I will offer mine in my next post. They may not work for your little one, but they've certainly worked for mine.


Jenny Sherman said...

the trip looks amazing. So awesome and glad to see the pics!

Madge said...

Olive is the sweetest. What a beautiful little bug! I love your travel tips. I bought an Ergo for Helen based on your glowing review!


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