Monday, September 16, 2013

Plain and Simple

You don't need much to draw.

I have a new website in the works, and am all sorts of excited to share it with you. It has always been my hope to showcase my illustration work more professionally; however, seeing that my tech savviness can best be compared to that of a great-grandmother, I decided to call for back-up. I sought out the talent and good taste of my friend Aileen Cheng. Because of this brilliant designer, I will soon be able to display my work with pride. Aileen runs her own studio and specializes in branding. Her work can be seen HERE and HERE. It's been a real treat working with her. If you're ever in the market for some design work, give Aileen a ring. You won't be sorry.

Anyhow, I was asked to take a photo of my workspace for the site, and I found myself feeling torn. Should I be honest to all ten readers of this blog and share an image of the space I actually work in? Imagine an uninspiring desk buried deep in discarded paper, eraser shreds, kitschy souvenirs and chupa chup wrappers. Then imagine a makeup-less me in mismatched pajamas squatting behind it all. Yikes. Not a pretty sight. 

If you're anything like me, you probably don't surf the web to look at ugly homes filled with real people stuff. Aspirational images. Curated vignettes. That's what peeps are into pinning nowadays, yeah? For the sake of your eyeballs, I present you the minimalist me. The me I wanna be. It really doesn't take much to draw a picture... some minor lifestyle editing, and I just might achieve the dream.

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aileen said...

Aw thanks Debra! I loved helping you come up with a site to share your brilliant + hilarious illustrations! Such talent needs to be shared!


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