Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Little Miss Sunshine

Remember the munchkin room makeover that I began but *AHEM* never finished? That's right. I'm a sucky mama. Since taking the above snapshot, I've had curtains installed and her crib moved in, but I never did get around to hanging artwork or light fixtures up. Lucky for Olive, I've spent these past two weeks swimming in a sea of fixtures and finishes for other projects, and ooh, I came across this lovely being:

Feast your eyes, folks. Isn't this Cord Pendant lovely? Simple, but luxe. My incredibly talented friend, Brendan Ravenhill, designed it, and I think it'd look crazy-sexy-cool hanging in the middle of the nugget's room.

Miss Olive has a photo session with THIS too-cool-for-school photographer on Sunday, and I'm hoping I can pull my poop together by then. Miracles happen, you know.

Abstract-expressionist work I'm looking to frame and display by my nugget.
Isn't the bite mark bananas?

The bashful artist.

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