Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break

Photo above plucked off Pinterest.

In celebration of my husband's upcoming birthday in April and Quinn's impending escape from my womb in June, I booked the family a hopefully-relaxing trip to Maui. By the time we go, le huz will have finished launching a project at work, and I will have wrapped up two of my own. Le sigh. Of relief! A charging of spirits is much-deserved after months of hard work on the part of le huz, and a last-hurrah for the rest of Olive & Co. before the cycle of sleepless nights begins is an absolute necessity.

White-sand beaches and clear waters for Olive. Spam musubis and snow cones for le huz and me. My inner manatee* is ready to be unleashed.

* I've gained 26 lbs to date, but have two plus months to go. Eek! 

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