Thursday, April 03, 2014

Sleepless in Silverlake

Olive before her arrival. 
I joked that she was suffering from performance anxiety when her due date arrived 
and she chose not to make an appearance. 
For the record, the fashionably late tot was ultimately evicted from my belly based on the doc's recommendation.

I'm having trouble sleeping. I suppose this isn't the least bit surprising seeing that I'm over 29 weeks pregnant, am harboring a nasty cold that prevents me from breathing, and my "wombmate," Quinn, is in full-on disco mode at 2 in the morning. "Why you little..."

Which leads me to Amazon. To all the knocked-up mamas out there, do you own a Snoogle? I survived my first pregnancy without having to purchase this much-talked-about body pillow. Visually, it hurts my eyes, and we've got enough junk in our home as is, but I'm desperate for a good night's sleep. I've got 30 extra pounds on my frame and the added weight is taking a toll. I could use some "cuddle me comfort".

What the heck.
*Add to Cart*

I think I'll name him Thor. If he delivers on his promises, I will haul him to Maui.


Jenny Sherman said...

I love you mama!

I had a stuffed nose for the last week too. Matt had a delightful week of snoring to put up with !!! Hang in there my love.

.......... said...

LOL... choo-choo trains in England! Hope you're feeling better now.

OMG. The pillow... Jenny. The SNOOGLE. I am a changed woman. I can breathe at night. I've named him "GROOL"... be cause he's great and cool.


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