Tuesday, April 08, 2014


A lost mind. Doodle by yours truly circa 2007.

The French are rad, and I am not the only Muggle who thinks so. Countless books have been penned analyzing the way the French cook, dress, and rear their children. Since the French approach is so revered, I've got to ask... how do the French consume croissants?

I down at least three buttery suckers per week in public... that said, it may be nice if I were to exhibit a sense of decorum.*

The blogosphere claims the majority of Parisians rip croissants into bite-sized pieces and then dunk 'em into espresso for easy, and I'm assuming, tasty consumption. But if you've got a nice croissant, the pastry is flakey. When torn, the crisp golden crumb trail get everywhere... and if then dunked, the pastry gets all soggy. This mode of consumption makes no sense to me...

Is it so wrong to bite into croissants WHOLE?!?
I like to amputate my croissant horns before hitting the chewy center "bod".

Yes, it's stuff like this that keeps me up at night.
I think I need help.

* I can be found consuming croissants the non-French way at Proof Bakery in Atwater Village. Their pastries are worth the calories.

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