Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Occupational Hazard

All my life, I've been advised to dress for the job I want. I know what appropriate dress in a corporate setting entails, but what is "appropriate" in the creative world? I'm fine with tossing in my corporate pinstripes, button downs, and slingbacks, but am uncomfortable with the idea of resorting to a uniform of sweats or overalls day in and day out. The Sartorialist inspires me to get creative, however, I find it difficult to comprehend how it is that the "average" individual he photographs is capable of affording the oodles of Lanvin, Marni, and Margiela garments they layer oh-so cleverly. *Sigh* I remain torn between my choice of a bat suit or the unbeatable combination of "apple bottom jeans" and "the boots with the fur".

1 comment:

QuicklyMilkTea said...

Them baggy sweat paaaaaaaaaants and the reeboks with the straaaaaaaaaaps!


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