Friday, October 17, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Website's a little delayed as my fabulouso web-designer, Corine, has a day job that she needs to tend to. But hey, it WILL be up soon. And by soon, I mean by my birthday. That's mid-November...

Slaved over two sets of storyboards of the weekend, but managed to make time to hang with Katherine "Mama" Chang. She joined me at The Coffee Bean on Wilshire in Santa Monica on Saturday. It's become my new office. I even get freelance work out of my stakeouts there!

Sunday evening was delish. Grubbed at "Park's", le cougar cub's numero uno favorite Korean bbq restaurant in Los Angeles. Was great catching up with Kim, Lan, their sig-O's, and Turkish delight, Deniz.

Weekend came to an abrupt close with me feeling ill (it's the strange fickle LA weather, I tell ya!) and staying up super late (working on the boards). GRR!

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