Saturday, October 04, 2008


I'm still in limbo. My Thursday meeting was rescheduled. Jury duty called! (Not me, but Celia.) Class registration closes next Friday. While I've got all the PTE numbers necessary to formally enroll, "Voldemort" has put a hold on my student record. I'm in no-man's-land. Happy-happy-joy-joy.

In the meantime, I've been conducting business as usual. Can't let a single asshole get the best of me. Thursday evening, Chuck Sheetz, the "Writing for Animation" professor, let us sit in on a screening of Animation Workshop alum, Gil Kenan's latest work, "City of Ember". (Kenan's most recent claim to fame prior to Ember was "Monster House.") Enjoyable flick. Would love to sit down to type up a mini-review, but am running low on time. Next week?

It's already past noon on Saturday, and I've got over 50 storyboard panels to start and complete... better get chugging.

Drawings to be posted.

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