Friday, October 31, 2008


A screening of WALL-E with writer/director, Andrew Stanton at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences... a visit from the uber-talented Bob Balser, one of two directors of "The Yellow Submarine" starring The Beatles... my first Halloween with a "real" costume... I'm a chubby honey bee, and le cougar cub's a BANANA! Life's not bad...


Teresa said...

Thanks for blogrolling us!


Gerald said...

I just saw a screening of Wall-E with Ben Burtt (Sound FX Master: Star Wars & Indiana Jones) He showed off his handy dandy synthesizer and brought along a foley artist to demo after the film. It was so awesome. But not as awesome as meeting the man behind the story - Andrew Stanton. Did Andrew mention his brother is a story artist at Pixar? Yeah, he's a cool dude in person as well.

How adorable and hilarious was "Presto"?!


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