Saturday, January 03, 2009

Fresh Start

Happy New Year, my peeps. I'm back from visiting my family in Taiwan and am happily reunited with Beans. *clap hands* In celebration of our lil' reunion, le cub, le pup, and I feasted on some McDonald's goodness at 10pm; In doing so, I think I may have already broken one of my resolutions for 2009. D'oh. Let's try this again. *Wayne's World Rewind* Drum-roll, please... Debs' new year resolutions, take two!

In 2009 I, Debra Chow, resolve to:
1. Send handwritten thank-you's whenever possible. (everyone "heart"s snail mail)
2. Gift handmade presents. (drawings and paintings and cookies, oh my!)
3. Avoid deep-fried foods. (french fry allotment stops at five.)
4. Edit my closet. Less is more!
5. Always wear a bra. (T.M.I.) The girls just aren't looking the way they used to.
6. Learn to take freaking-fabulous photos with my Holga.
7. Learn to cook new dishes for le cub.
8. Take Beans on longer morning walks.
9. Continue reading an unassigned book per month. Bill Buford's Heat. Read it!
10. Make Flaring Nostrils a reality by offering products via the site in time for Christmas 2009.

And ooh. A resolution that I'd like to make but foresee myself breaking *sigh*
11. Provide a fresh, new doodle for my blog each week.

First doodle of the year, titled, "Is Less Really More?"
Also check-out my newly-launched website: Site improvements and additions to arrive shortly. Thank you, Corine, for the big help!


amlin423 said...

Thanks for having me at your place in Taipei. I had a lot of fun dining with the elite, taking pics with the lu bian tan folks, watching the 9/11esque fireworks from 101, reading lots of yi zhou kan and learning majong from your dad. I wondered why he kept telling me not to be "Rita" until I realized he was actually saying "retard"

I hope your 'wear the bra' resolution isn't a response to my 'ban the bra' t-shirt.

Madge said...

Your website caused me on serious adorable heart attack. I love it!

Your resolutions are charming -- I think I had McDonald's on New Years Day. Oh man. Something has got to give.

Madge said...

*Your website caused me to have a serious adorable heart attack.

(totally not careful to edit what i type.)


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