Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh The Places We'll Go

Le cub and I have yet to choose a honeymoon destination. And we're taking suggestions! Santorini, Greece is looking pretty sweet.

Photo taken by Marcel Germain


JennySRP said...

Love Love Love! Yes my friends Gina and Markus are going on a Greek Islands tour! <3

kimberlina said...

ooo! we're thinking italy and greece, too! (2 yrs after the fact...)

but those stairs are going to be KILLER.

lepetitdoodler said...

I've actually been to Greece (Athens and Mykonos)... bought a bunch of postcards that turned out to be of Santorini. Hahaha. That said, I've always wanted to go see the version of Greece that dreams are made of. The white washed buildings with blue accents... MMMMMM...

Kimberlina, you and the hubby should totally go if you can peel yourself away from the library and suck up the cost. Life's too short to always be going, "Tomorrow" or "Next time"... :)


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